Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Kung Fu Jack Ass vs The giANT

 Superman Batman Iron Man
They all had glorious fame
That did not bother
The one introvert hero
That no one had heard of
For he was fine in that
unknown farmers backyard
Being a normal Jack Ass
As any other day

But then was heard a sound
Like that of a super nova
And Jack Ass’s ears perked up
And he sighed for
The world needed him again
In a jiffy with ass lotion
Did he become
Kung Fu Jackass for the day again

This time the nemesis was not many
But one adversary who
Only wanted to draw out
Kung Fu Jackass for
He wanted to end the reign
Of humanity as such
By watching they self-destruct
There he was invisible to the naked
Eye you pervert.. eye..
There he was the evil Mr.Ant

Kung fu saw and laughed
By saying what ANTics have you
Been up to Mr.Ant?
The play of words was all
Kung Fu needed to keep
It fun and groovy y'all

The furious Mr.Ant said
You shall perish Kung Fu
For you do not know that
I have found the ANTidote
To counter your ass lotion
And to wipe away that smirk
Off your ugly face

HAHAHAHA he laughed and all
And asked the question
That had stumped the best
If you do not die today
Mr.Jackass "K" shall perish
In her own way light years away

Kung fu Smiled and said it was time
To duel Ant and asked
But then Mr.Ant K is 2000 light
Years away and every time
We travel through space
Goes backwards while the
Same on earth goes forward
So whatever you do
Everything has already happened
And then nothing has happened at all
So to say.

Mr.Ant stood there and watched
Stumped in his triumph..
For humanity did not stand a chance
and yet..
Kung Fu smiled and walked away
And that is how mon ami
Kung Fu saved our asses all
Over again.

A legend they say not known to anyone
every so again..

- A Filarial Special Pome

Wednesday, March 9, 2016


Sometimes things don't make sense
we hold on beyond the realms
not of what is dead and gone
but of the living in the name of love

Monday, January 11, 2016

Kung FU Jack Ass - Goes Third

Burrrrppp did he and all raised
Their eye brows nastily
Little did he care for
All he thought of was..

Long and Far had he come
On the path untaken
Without anyone even knowing
The hero that he was

Rubbed the little elixir that was left
Of that he thought to be ass lotion
And sat on a rickety chair
To live out the days
With his farmer friend
That mortal Scientist

A Cry he could hear
From outer space
Little did he understand
That sound does not
travel through space
Flew out did he
To meet yet another dooms day

Who you ask? Who else
But that inferior hero
That nobody knew off
Kung Fu Jackass was his name
Forget him not at least for
He was going to save
Our lame asses all over again

It was a trap to draw Mr.Jackass
 Zoom did he suddenly
Into a black hole and trapped
For Sound does not
Travel through space
But little did he know that
It did through time

Ass he accelerated through
The queen thought
She had won finally
For Kung FU would be
Thrown into a time
Where he ceased to exist

She would have her revenge
On her sister K
Who was imprisoned
For treason against the state
In jail she was
The king long gone
All alone

Kung fu did not think so
Turned on his ass did he
And that little elixir that he
Had rubbed turned to
A whole blob for time and space
Was collapsing which gave him

BOOOOM! Back was the famed
Flavour fart and he let one rip
That caused a ripple in
the expanses of Space and time
And there he was, Back in Beta K

Then new queen was appalled
Her plan had been thorned
Flee did she but where
In panic and all
But little chance did she stand
For she was up against that legend
Kung FU Jackass.

What ensued they say
Is legend till this day
K was freed and restored
 But all she pined for
Was her former nemesis

He looked at her once again
And with a smile once again
Flew into that doubles sun
To be sling shot back to
The oblivion of the unknown

-          A Filarial Special Pome

If you are interested here are the first two J

Monday, November 16, 2015

The Court Jester

He stood there
Almost like at the
Eye of the battle
That raged

He laughed at
What was at Play
Seemingly a war
Between good
And evil between
Black and White
So to say

The black knight fought
With valor and sleaze
Mixed in divine portions
Against the white knight
Who though white
Was probably just
As Black in his attack
And as their blood mixed
From the blows, it turned grey

The Jester watched on
And knew that
There was no good
Or evil for it was
All in the mind
But who was to say
That it wasn’t real
For it was only the Jester
Who could laugh?
As the battle raged

- A Filarial Pome

Thursday, November 12, 2015

I have come long and far
through a journey of choice
i dont know if it is the
saddest or some otherthing that
if even today you said
leave it all and come with me
I would without batting
a tiny eyelid

Tuesday, November 3, 2015


The path to salvation
is very similar to that
which leads one to
eternal damnation
there does not seem
much difference between
the two so to say
for without one
the other seems impure
I wonder though
which is it that I seek
Salvation or Damnation

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Karikula – The legend Continues

Karikula stood aghast. 

In his hands was the bludgeon and at his feet lay the village chief Maurya. There was a lot of blood around him and the villagers were rushing towards him. The strange thing was he had no memory of where he was at or who this was. Or did he? He was confused. He did not run.

The Chief’s house

I walked into the village. It had been six months since Karikula had been imprisoned for murder. He had left my companionship a few months after the murder case of the Queen and I had not heard from him for 3 years till a story reached my ears. It had taken me six months to find this village. I did not go to the place where he was imprisoned.

I walked up to the Village Chief’s house and shouted, “ Will someone serve this poor Brahmin some food. I have travelled long and far. Please..”. The lady of the house came out and invited me in with a smile. She had the servants serve me food immediately. I ate and conversed with the servants.

The chief, the new chief i.e., Kataka, walked in as I was washing up. He saw me and fell at my feet at once. I smiled and said, “I do not deserve such respect Kataka. Karikula has but hyped my abilities!”.  Kataka said, “But he hasn’t! The mere fact that you just deduced why I fell at your feet with such ease gives me a lot of confidence.”

I looked at him and said, “Why did you put Karikula in the cell when you knew the truth, my dear Kataka? “. He looked distressed and said, “I cannot say”. We talked for a while.

The Cell

In the search of truth
The so called truth
At time we put ourselves
Up to experiment
For the cycle of prototype
And test
But little do we understand
What is the outcome, we seek
And bias it from the beginning

Karikula sang in a sweet melodious tone. I sat outside the cell separated by an iron wall. I said, “Without that we do not learn”. He stopped and let out a happy laugh! Karikula said, “ I knew you would come for me. Forgive me for leaving without telling you. But I had to. I could not stand your insane logic.”. I smiled, “ Karikula, I wanted you to leave 6 months before you left. I drove it so that you would leave and seek what you wanted. So what have you found my friend?”

He cried, “You elevate me to the level of friend. I do not deserve that. I have thought long and hard in the cell. I killed the chief of this town mercilessly. I do not understand how or why. But these past six months I have come to realize that I probably do not understand myself. I must have tricked my brain into forgetting. I feel so much pain, shame and embarrassment. I cannot come to terms with the violence or the murder.” Karikula had lost it.

I smiled and asked, “ Calm down. So what are the exact feelings that you have gone through over these past six months? Did you think of anything else but of the brutal murder?”

Karikula hesitated and replied, “ Not till a few weeks ago. I started exploring the feelings of killing someone. But then I could not replicate the pain or pleasure. It seemed like an illusion. It didn't exist, it was more engineered…. “ and then he laughed. Laughed almost like a maniac. But then again he was the sanest of them all at this moment of revelation.

The journey begins – Again

We had escaped into the night. We were about 20 kos from the village. Kataka bid us farewell and turned back towards the village. Karikula looked at me and said, “ I now understand better master.” I interjected, “ Not master, but friend”…

He continued with a firm tone, “No master. At times we create the illusion based on the information surrounding us. Sometimes the information was lacking, sometimes it is just not true though we think of it as the truth.”

I bid him goodbye and said, “Someday, I hope our paths cross again, my friend”.

- A filarial special story

a seqel of sorts to