Monday, May 18, 2020

OrthocoronaVirinae - Chapter 2

Chapter 2

Trump, Putin and Bolsonaro have been complacent. Now the pandemic has made them all vulnerable 

As hospitals in Brazil teeter on the brink of collapse, Bolsonaro does pushups with supporters
The health care system in Brazil's largest city is wavering on the brink of collapse and coronavirus deaths throughout the South American nation are soaring -- but President Jair Bolsonaro nonetheless reveled in crowds of supporters on Sunday, joining yet another anti-lockdown protest in Brasilia.With Brazil still approaching its peak of cases, Sao Paulo's mayor warned that the health system could be overwhelmed very soon if residents don't follow social distancing guidelines.

Palácio do Planalto was eerily quiet. There was a murmur among the staff. They had no clue what the next directive would be. They waited for the President to step out of his office. He had been tucked away in there for 7 straight hours. No one knew what was going on. He was meeting with an blonde eyed gentleman again. This was the fourth time.

Jair sat there staring into the abyss. He was confused. He did not want any of this to happen. Why was he doing this? Why were people still following him? And then a calm descended him. The confidence oozed back into his system. This was the only path for Brazil. Yes the Amazon was burning but it was small price to pay. After all every other developed nation on earth built its wealth on the misfortune of nature and human life somewhere. There was greater goal to achieve here.

He looked up at his calendar. The date read “ 19-Sep-2019”.

He was convinced and he looked up,“Yes Mr. Lentin. Always a pleasure doing business with you”

October , 990 AD

I looked up at the sky. The clouds above had formed a shape that was bearing some message. It wasn’t a positive message. My vibe was strong. I moved fast heading north in the mountains.
I had made my base here some 500 years ago. My people originated somewhere in the centre of the universe. A civilization as old as the big bang itself almost. I had been on earth now for some 10000 earth years that equated to about 2 years of my life. I didn’t like the loneliness but this what I had signed up to be. A historian. People of other civilizations would have thought us to have evolved to such a state that we had super-powers and could bend the will of physics. But our evolution had taken no such path. One thing we do obsess about is our origin planet which had been lost in the first 10000 or so years of our existence ( in our time not earth time) and research galore to find that missing link. Which is what had brought me here in the first place. The genetic material (rna) found in obscure places on earth gave a clue to the origins of our civilization and what I had come to learn in the last year much more. This could be path breaking.

There was an opening up front. And that is where I found her. She was oozing something benetian in color from her temple. I looked around to see who could have harmed her. There were no human tribes close by. I first created a force field for a 5 km radius. And then placed the palm of my hand under her head. She looked up and said,” There is a small jar in my robe. Please… “. I found it and opened it. There was putrid smell that filled my surroundings. But did nothing to me. She was surprised. I laughed, “Stranger, I am not from this world either. But I mean you no harm. I found you because my vibe tingled of something evil in the vicinity, but you reek of nothing of that. The presence is gone. I can restore you to your normal self. Trust in me”. She did not resist.

I carried her back to my lab disguised as a cave. People from the surrounding villages saw me as something called a “Munir”. They had given me the name Agastian, for I had empowered them with grammar and the knowledge of communication to take forth what they learned. I was after all a scribe. I laid her on the crotarian chair. And started the process of reverse polynism. She must have felt a short burst of immense pain for she screamed. And then she passed out. She would recover but she needed some time.

July , 992

She woke up. It had been a couple of earth years. But now she was completely healthy. She looked at me and asked,” Who are you? Why did you help me?”. I looked at her and said,” Taiheiyō san.. I am person who goes by vibes. I cannot save all but the universe pointed me to save you. There is a power you possess that scares me. I have observed you all this while. At times I contemplated but the answer is clear. You will learn to harness it. The evil to turn it to good.”

She was confused but she continued the conversation with me…

To be continued

Sunday, May 17, 2020


Time is an illusion
For what is 1 minute
Can be stretched to an hour
Or sometimes a day
Or even years

-Anonymous (Circa Big Bang)

Chapter 1 - Origins 

They looked down upon the experiment that had been started 2 years ago. This was the last hope many felt. If the result of the experiment did not yield a concrete solution, then it was the end of the civilization. The end of the Crotominians. The end of 30000 years of evolution.

There was a definite imbalance that was beginning to cause the parameters of the experiment to twinge towards a path that did not seem fruitful enough. Something had to be done but there was a big debate. The principal investigator just did not want to tweak the parameters yet but there was huge pressure from the Elders. Hence after a long debate in the room of silence as the minds melded to one- the elders, the principal investigator and the observers. Time was brought to a stop as the room of silence only existed in the 7th dimension. They came out.

Earth – Late 2019

The Preserver had her orders straight. She did not like it, but she would not disobey. She understood the consequences.  She knew the rules. Nothing could be brought from the outside that which did not already exist. There were totally 7 Virology research centres that had been set up across the planet earth. These were above that of the governments of the world. A secret alliance to combat the effect of genetic material left over from a civilization unknown. Not even the Crotominians understood the origins. But what they did understand was the science of its existence. She took a strain from the lab in the depths of the “Artics” back to her lab. There was some tweaking to be done. It had to be muffled… the origin.

Somewhere near Tirunelveli – February 2020

I got up from my slumber. I had been sleeping in Podhighai Malai for about 1800 earth years. I was woken up suddenly. There she was standing by the window. The only other being on the planet that could not only detect my habitat but also walk in like there was no security system in place. For anyone else they would feel strange vibes. There were rumours spread that eternal beings lived there who were above that of the world and were the creators of the ancient language of Tamizh. There were people who had witnessed miracles. But all of that is story for another day.
“What have you done Unmei?”. She looked at me with conflict in her eyes. “Taiheiyō san.. I did not know whom else to seek counsel from. My civilization will be wiped out if this experiment fails. So, I do what I am told. I do not question. But this will lead to widespread…” and she broke down. I did not understand. I had not followed the humans for a while. My mission was that of a scribe. The origin of my people is lost but there is strong evidence that the answer to it will come from breaking down the genetic material that found its way to Earth over a 100 million earth years. I did not interfere with Unmei when she showed up some 5000 earth years ago. I saved her life once and since then she showed up every few decades to check in on me. I fell asleep and then did not feel the vibe to wake up. I am getting too old for this shit, but I must see out this mission.
She explained. I started getting a grasp of the where the humans were at with their science. She put her finger on my temple. Two months in earth time would have passed.

April 2020

I knew what was going on- world leaders, cultures, wars, famines, love, ambition, power… all of it. I opened my eyes. There she was in front of me fidgeting. She took out some device and turned it on. I could see humans on there.

China Bat Expert Says Her Wuhan Lab Wasn’t Source of New Coronavirus For the past 15 years, Chinese scientist Shi Zhengli has warned the world—in English, Chinese and French—that bats harbor coronaviruses that pose serious risks to human health 

She flicked something

Trump blames China for outbreak. See how they responded.CNN's David Culver reports on how Chinese state media is responding to blame from the US for their coronavirus response.

She looked at me, “ I made sure the origin is obscured. But Lentin is using this as an opportunity to cause the destruction he has always wanted…he is implanting ideas in the so called far right across the earthly humans “ and she broke down. I was confused. I asked her, “Who is Lentin?”. She took a deep breath, “Lentin was sent here some 1000 years ago. He is a junior associate to me but now he is ambitious. He does not understand the consequences. He wants to get to the solution the quickest. The way he sees it the only way to the solution is if the control variable is at 22/7 percent. The principal investigator gave me strict instructions not to touch the variable but let it evolve. Lentin is of cult who believes accelerating it to 22/7 will result in what will save the Crotominian civilization. He does not care about earth, the life created here or the humans. The outcome will be 1.82 trillion deaths across all life on earth, 1 billion humans.”

I looked at her with shock. The only words that came out were, “Lentin has to be stopped”.  

It was few minutes before I could find more words,” I am but a lowly scribe. A historian. A message to my people and for getting help will take at least 5 earth years. We don’t have time like that.How?” 

She looked at me and smiled for the first time.

To be continued

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Kung Fu Jack Ass vs The giANT

 Superman Batman Iron Man
They all had glorious fame
That did not bother
The one introvert hero
That no one had heard of
For he was fine in that
unknown farmers backyard
Being a normal Jack Ass
As any other day

But then was heard a sound
Like that of a super nova
And Jack Ass’s ears perked up
And he sighed for
The world needed him again
In a jiffy with ass lotion
Did he become
Kung Fu Jackass for the day again

This time the nemesis was not many
But one adversary who
Only wanted to draw out
Kung Fu Jackass for
He wanted to end the reign
Of humanity as such
By watching they self-destruct
There he was invisible to the naked
Eye you pervert.. eye..
There he was the evil Mr.Ant

Kung fu saw and laughed
By saying what ANTics have you
Been up to Mr.Ant?
The play of words was all
Kung Fu needed to keep
It fun and groovy y'all

The furious Mr.Ant said
You shall perish Kung Fu
For you do not know that
I have found the ANTidote
To counter your ass lotion
And to wipe away that smirk
Off your ugly face

HAHAHAHA he laughed and all
And asked the question
That had stumped the best
If you do not die today
Mr.Jackass "K" shall perish
In her own way light years away

Kung fu Smiled and said it was time
To duel Ant and asked
But then Mr.Ant K is 2000 light
Years away and every time
We travel through space
Goes backwards while the
Same on earth goes forward
So whatever you do
Everything has already happened
And then nothing has happened at all
So to say.

Mr.Ant stood there and watched
Stumped in his triumph..
For humanity did not stand a chance
and yet..
Kung Fu smiled and walked away
And that is how mon ami
Kung Fu saved our asses all
Over again.

A legend they say not known to anyone
every so again..

- A Filarial Special Pome

Wednesday, March 9, 2016


Sometimes things don't make sense
we hold on beyond the realms
not of what is dead and gone
but of the living in the name of love

Monday, January 11, 2016

Kung FU Jack Ass - Goes Third

Burrrrppp did he and all raised
Their eye brows nastily
Little did he care for
All he thought of was..

Long and Far had he come
On the path untaken
Without anyone even knowing
The hero that he was

Rubbed the little elixir that was left
Of that he thought to be ass lotion
And sat on a rickety chair
To live out the days
With his farmer friend
That mortal Scientist

A Cry he could hear
From outer space
Little did he understand
That sound does not
travel through space
Flew out did he
To meet yet another dooms day

Who you ask? Who else
But that inferior hero
That nobody knew off
Kung Fu Jackass was his name
Forget him not at least for
He was going to save
Our lame asses all over again

It was a trap to draw Mr.Jackass
 Zoom did he suddenly
Into a black hole and trapped
For Sound does not
Travel through space
But little did he know that
It did through time

Ass he accelerated through
The queen thought
She had won finally
For Kung FU would be
Thrown into a time
Where he ceased to exist

She would have her revenge
On her sister K
Who was imprisoned
For treason against the state
In jail she was
The king long gone
All alone

Kung fu did not think so
Turned on his ass did he
And that little elixir that he
Had rubbed turned to
A whole blob for time and space
Was collapsing which gave him

BOOOOM! Back was the famed
Flavour fart and he let one rip
That caused a ripple in
the expanses of Space and time
And there he was, Back in Beta K

Then new queen was appalled
Her plan had been thorned
Flee did she but where
In panic and all
But little chance did she stand
For she was up against that legend
Kung FU Jackass.

What ensued they say
Is legend till this day
K was freed and restored
 But all she pined for
Was her former nemesis

He looked at her once again
And with a smile once again
Flew into that doubles sun
To be sling shot back to
The oblivion of the unknown

-          A Filarial Special Pome

If you are interested here are the first two J

Monday, November 16, 2015

The Court Jester

He stood there
Almost like at the
Eye of the battle
That raged

He laughed at
What was at Play
Seemingly a war
Between good
And evil between
Black and White
So to say

The black knight fought
With valor and sleaze
Mixed in divine portions
Against the white knight
Who though white
Was probably just
As Black in his attack
And as their blood mixed
From the blows, it turned grey

The Jester watched on
And knew that
There was no good
Or evil for it was
All in the mind
But who was to say
That it wasn’t real
For it was only the Jester
Who could laugh?
As the battle raged

- A Filarial Pome

Thursday, November 12, 2015

I have come long and far
through a journey of choice
i dont know if it is the
saddest or some otherthing that
if even today you said
leave it all and come with me
I would without batting
a tiny eyelid