Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Kung Fu Jack Ass vs The giANT

 Superman Batman Iron Man
They all had glorious fame
That did not bother
The one introvert hero
That no one had heard of
For he was fine in that
unknown farmers backyard
Being a normal Jack Ass
As any other day

But then was heard a sound
Like that of a super nova
And Jack Ass’s ears perked up
And he sighed for
The world needed him again
In a jiffy with ass lotion
Did he become
Kung Fu Jackass for the day again

This time the nemesis was not many
But one adversary who
Only wanted to draw out
Kung Fu Jackass for
He wanted to end the reign
Of humanity as such
By watching they self-destruct
There he was invisible to the naked
Eye you pervert.. eye..
There he was the evil Mr.Ant

Kung fu saw and laughed
By saying what ANTics have you
Been up to Mr.Ant?
The play of words was all
Kung Fu needed to keep
It fun and groovy y'all

The furious Mr.Ant said
You shall perish Kung Fu
For you do not know that
I have found the ANTidote
To counter your ass lotion
And to wipe away that smirk
Off your ugly face

HAHAHAHA he laughed and all
And asked the question
That had stumped the best
If you do not die today
Mr.Jackass "K" shall perish
In her own way light years away

Kung fu Smiled and said it was time
To duel Ant and asked
But then Mr.Ant K is 2000 light
Years away and every time
We travel through space
Goes backwards while the
Same on earth goes forward
So whatever you do
Everything has already happened
And then nothing has happened at all
So to say.

Mr.Ant stood there and watched
Stumped in his triumph..
For humanity did not stand a chance
and yet..
Kung Fu smiled and walked away
And that is how mon ami
Kung Fu saved our asses all
Over again.

A legend they say not known to anyone
every so again..

- A Filarial Special Pome

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